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Monday, April 18, 2011

BMW Concept Cars: BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept Car 2011

BMW Concept Cars now include the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept Car introduced at the Geneva Motor Show 2011.

Pushing New Boundaries in the Realm of Automotive Technology

The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive prototype car is actually a two seat roadster with advanced in-car technology, which brings comfort, safety, and infotainment together using a three layer lightning system. This new BMW concept car was introduced at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The main design element of the car dropped a few jaws since the design showcases current as well as future technology.

The layering concept behind the car demonstrates the bond between the driver, passenger, vehicle, and the environment. Data interaction is demonstrated through a complex light system, which shows the path of data exchange between the driver, vehicle, and the passenger.

The Exterior Design

The long wheel base and the long hood and set back seating make the ConnectedDrive concept look like its accelerating while it’s standing still. The distinctive flowing lines and taunt surfaces compliment the front and rear design. They make the exterior look like something from another century. The sliding doors, which disappear into the body, emphasize the link between the vehicle and the environment, and the front and rear lights have sensors that monitor traffic as well as the external environment.

The Interior Design

The interior has three very distinct layers: Safety, comfort, and infotainment. Each layer has a corresponding lighting system. Those layers are defined by motion, color, rhythm, and texture. The emerging path of the information can be seen through fiber optic lightning within transparant surfaces.

1. The first layer is designed to focus on safety so a red light wraps around the driver and it merges in a cone fashion on the hood. The red light represents the stream of safety specific information as well as the driver’s focus on the surroundings as well as the road.

2. The second layer includes the safety layer, but extends to the passenger cell. It focuses on infotainment and it’s outlined by a blue light.

3. The third layer concentrates on the vehicle and the world around it using a green light, which starts and ends with two antennas, which take the place of wing mirrors.

The head-up display provides the driver with as much or as little information as needed so the driver is able to feel a closer connection with the vehicle. The fully customizable HUD provides points-of-interest icons and road information in the driver’s field of vision. The amount and how the information is displayed can be set to fit personal preferences.

Learn more about the BMW Vision Concept and it's full range of driver assistance systems and the mobility services available in the BMW ConnectedDrive Online Guide.

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